Westward American Single Malt
09.11.20172 Min Read — In Review

About the Distiller

House Spirits Distillery is an American craft distiller based in Portland, Oregon. It was founded in Corvallis in 2004 and moved to Portland in 2005. Its production facility and tasting room is located on Portland's Distillery Row in the Central Eastside Industrial District. The distillery's flagship brand is Aviation American Gin, which comprises 80% of its production. Other products include Krogstad Festlig aquavit, Westward Oregon Straight Malt Whiskey, made from malted barley grown in the Pacific Northwest, and Volstead Vodka. Small-batch artisanal liqueurs from House Spirits have included Japanese-style shōchū, and coffee liqueur.

In 2013, the company made plans to expand its distribution to 35 states in a deal with distributor Southern Wine & Spirits. The same year, House Spirits opened a second tasting room at Portland International Airport. Former NFL quarterback Joe Montana is an investor in the company. Source: Wikipedia

Our Take

Sight: Extremely dark amber profile. Mysterious.

Aroma: Initially it smells like rum and coke. Sweet. Once it breathes it reveals a deeper aroma but the sweetness remains. Vanilla. Esters. A good solid malt with rum tones.

Flavour: The right kind of smoothness. Not overly gentle. Sweet and dry. Burnt Orange. Molasses. It eases out after the first sip. But the most distinct and recognizable feature is the bit of salt at the end. Very unique and not unpleasant.

Finish: Mid-length finish. Very Unique. Salty. Toffee. Rum like.

Thoughts: Brought by one of our most serious drinkers and with great reviews to back it up. Naturally, expectations were high.

This is a great and bold sweet whiskey. Not overpowering in sweetness but with big presence. Something that will get any Rum drinker plenty of joy.


StyleSingle Malt Whiskey
RegionPortland, Oregon USA

Our Score