The Glenlivet 18 Years
01.10.20151 Min Read — In Review

A very special Glenlivet. The bouquet is remarkably flowery, clean and soft. The taste is light-bodied with a delicate balance between sweetness and malty dryness. Flowery, peachy, notes of vanilla with a restrained, long gently warming finish.

Highly Recommended by Wine Enthusiast: "Lovely, expansive bouquet includes scents of malted barley, baking spice, hearty spirit, toasted marshmallow, honeysuckle, fresh honey and dried citrus peel. Palate entry is firmly structured, moderately grainy sweet and features integrated flavors of honey wheat toast, dried apricot and wood resin; midpalate is slightly sweet, keenly resiny, grainy, toffee-like and tight. Finishes lean, crisp and dry."

Varietal: Scotch | Style: Single Malt | Alcohol: 43%

Our Rating

Smell: 2.5/5 | Taste: 3.5/5 | Smoothness: 3.75/5
Overall: 3.25/5


Smooth on the first taste which contrasts the strong smell. Subtle hint of brown envelopes on the nose. Pretty flat tasting until opened with a few drops of water, at which point nice sweetness breaks through.

The true flavour is masked by the alcohol, the addition water allows those flavours to come through. After the whiskey is finished, smelling the glass reveals the complex bouquet.