Starward Wine Cask
18.01.20181 Min Read — In Review

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Sight: Looks nice, super dark colour - presumably from the maturation in wine casks. Its non-age statement though so its hard to tell how long its been in the barrels for. Quality bottle but a plastic/foam cork was a disappointing sight, especially as the top cap made from a lovely timber.

Aroma: Heavy wine aroma, reminiscent of a fortified wine. Overwhelms the whiskey aroma but is very pleasant.

Flavour: Strong hit of alcohol then the wine flavour takes over.

Finish: Fortified wine finish but doesn't linger long

Thoughts: Overall an interesting expression, quite different to other wine cask varieties such as Glenmorangie. Higher wine flavour, but less clean cut. Has previously been marketed as New World Whiskey Wine Cask as we couldn't tell the difference between them.


StyleSingle Malt Whiskey
RegionMelbourne, Australia

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