Starward Wine Cask Single Malt
31.03.20162 Min Read — In Review

Matured solely in Australian red wine barrels, this single malt represents a unique integration of our local barley, climate and innovative approach to producing whisky.

Balanced aromas of raisins, bananas and a touch of balsamic lead to clove, toffee and nougat. The palate welcomes the arrival of red berries, hints of cinnamon and a variety of savoury and spice driven secondary notes. A long, dry and tannic finish guides a strong linear reach through the palate, balancing a generous roundness and oiliness of the spirit.

About the distillery:

New World Whisky began in 2004 with a chance meeting at a whisky distillery. That meeting changed my life. Everything about whisky captivated me: the product, the process and of course the opportunity. Since then I have devoted my life to developing a modern whisky from Australia. A spirit we can offer the world with pride. Unshackled from tradition, our quest was to discover what whisky could be. Taking the best of the old world and marrying it with the best Australia has to offer: our ingredients, our climate and our people.


StyleSingle Malt, Australian
Cask TypeWine Cask

Our Score:



"Very fruity on the nose"

"Apricot and peach coming through"

"Very smooth to taste"

"Peaches for days"

"Not a lot of flavour"

"If you had a cold, you'd not taste anything"

"It has subtle fruity flavours"


I've been told this is the one of the only wine cask whiskies on offer and it's a really a great experiment. I fully expect to see more of this type in the future.

Great aromas, subtle taste and very enjoyable to drink.