Oban 14 Year Old
11.02.20161 Min Read — In Review

Oban Little Bay of Caves

Along the shores of lorn lies a record of man. Far more ancient than that of any city in the land. The first settlers arrived on the mainland in 5,000BC and sheltered in the natural caves of the land, then known as 'an ob'. The 'Distillery Cave' was one of such shelter hidden in the creag a bharrain cliffs which rise dramatically above the Oban Distillery.

Style: Single Malt, Scotch| Alcohol: 43% | Aged: 14 Years

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"Nice clean aftertaste"

"Doesn't stand out in any way"

"Strongly alcoholic"

"Burning on the tongue"

"Sweetness and vanilla on the node"

"Would it go better with a coke?"

"Much better when opened up with some water"


A decent whisky for $100 but there are much better options for that price mark.