Limeburners Sherry Cask Single Malt Whisky (Western Australia)
26.05.20162 Min Read — In Review

Continuing our streak of firsts, we have our first Western Australian whisky!

Aged in sherry casks and bottle 098 of a 300 bottle batch, we have high hopes for this.

The presentation is great, a clear plastic box containing a fantastically shaped bottle. The colour is a light golden colour. Topped with an ominous screw on cap.

About the distillery

A boutique distillery producing premium quality single malt whisky using time honoured techniques and traditional copper pot stills. Each batch is produced and bottled by hand.

By world standards we are a tiny operation... which is the way they like it.

Our focus is on quality - quantity is irrelevant.

What they say

Exhibiting spice and fruit aroma when neat, a splash of water unleashes malted barley, aromas of sherry and vanilla with hints of honey, raisins and buttery caramel.

Medium coloured with intense and complex flavours, a full taste and a smooth finish.


StyleSingle Malt
RegionWestern Australia

Our Score:



"Lemony on the node"

"Like a creme brulee"

"A lemony caramel"

"Very smooth, no burn"

"Little burn in the mouth but very smooth on the way down"

"A lot of citrus in the flavour"

"It's a very unique whisky, great distinct aromas and impressive flavour"

"It's a summer whiskey"


Overall a really easy whiskey to drink. We're getting lots of sweetness and citrus. Really smooth to go down.

This is hands down the best Australian Whiskey we've had to date.