Jura Superstition
29.09.20161 Min Read — In Review

The Isle of Jura can be found nestled off the west coast of Scotland. It's a place fames as much for its folklore as it is for its whisky.

A magical haven where a sense of solitude pervades: one road, one pub, one community and one distillery.

There is no whisky and no island quite like Jura. It truely is in a world of its on.

Islanders were a superstitious lot in the past. As a nod to them, and to our island home, still dotted with ancient stones and markings, we called this expression Superstition. When you raise a glass of this whisky, you're raising a glass to the ancient ways of our island.


StyleSingle Malt

Our Score



"The smell is the usual flat alcohol, let it air so the depth reveals itself, honey sweet"

"Well balanced, smokey but not peaty"

"Don't activate it with water, just let it breathe"

"Air it. I haven't experienced a whiskey that changes so much with time on the glass"

"A solid peated aroma after swallowing"


A nice whiskey that gets more interesting as you let it sit for a while. Slightly smokey, pleasant and a decent choice for a night of conversation.