Jura Elixir - 12 Year Old
14.07.20171 Min Read — In Review

About the Distillery

The distillery was founded in 1810. The distillery fell into disrepair, and was rebuilt in the early 1960s by two local estate owners Robin Fletcher and Tony Riley-Smith. Their architect was William Delme-Evans. The work was completed in 1963, and it included the installation of taller stills, allowing the distillery to create a mix of malts. Source: Wikipedia

Our Take

A very soft aroma makes this whiskey feel younger than 12 years, and while it's very easy to drink there's not a lot happening, it's not very robust. Some would say even a little plain.

We would’ve liked to get a little bit more of the fruit and spice promised on the package. We noticed that the aroma does open over time revealing slightly more complexity.

It's definitely a smooth whiskey with a mid-range simple finish.

"As much nose as the Great Sphynx of Giza"


StyleSingle Malt Scotch
RegionIsle of Jura

Our Score