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High West Campfire Whiskey
19.05.20161 Min Read — In General

Our first bourbon - High West Campfire Whiskey

Welcoming our first bourbon to WhiskeyNerds.com.

A blend of bourbon, rye and peated single malted Scotch whiskies. It's been pitched as a smooth, creamy, well rounded and mature whiskey.

All reviews point to a smokiness with a hint of sweetness, maybe honey, toffee or vanilla.

A unique offering, and one we're really keen to try out here at WhiskeyNerds.

We'll be keeping an eye out for that sweetness, that smokiness and spice that trademark spice that bourbon and rye whiskies are known for.



Our Score:



"It smells high pitched, sweet and has a zing"

"I can get a bit of vanilla, candy, sweetness on the nose"

"Seems a little peaty"

"Delicious once it's opened"

"Smells ok, but when you start tasting it, not so much"


This is a whiskey that's definitely better opened up with a bit of water.

Our first bourbon at whiskey club. Our palettes maybe aren't quite adjusted to the sweetness that a bourbon offers.

Personally, I quite like this whiskey. Hints of sweetness, creaminess and smoke blend together to create a complicated but pleasant flavour.