Hellyers Road Distillery - Pinot Noir Finish
15.09.20172 Min Read — In Review

About the Distillery

Hellyers Road is a whisky distillery in Burnie, Tasmania. Founded in 1999 by a group of dairy farmers, it takes its name from a road surveyed in 1827 by explorer Henry Hellyer. In 2010, Hellyers Road was recognised by the Malt Whisky Association of Australia for producing the nation’s best single malt, and in 2013 Hellyers Road Pinot Noir Finish was voted ‘Best New World Whisky’ from a series of blind tastings conducted at the Whisky Live fair in Paris. Source: Wikipedia

The Distiller on this Whiskey:

Our Original Single Malt Whisky, aged in American Oak (ex-bourbon) finished in French Oak (ex-pinot noir) to provide a tantalising point of difference for single malt lovers. Imaginative and unique, this delightful spirit evokes all the complexities of a Tasmanian rainforest. Judged a Global Whisky Master and one of the World’s Ten Best Value Whiskies in 2015 (United Kingdom). Source: Hellyers Road Website

Our Take

A dark Australian Whiskey with an inexpensive looking packaging. Our hopes were low due to the origin. It's been a while since we tasted a mind-blowing Aussie whiskey.

A very sweet aroma that gives away the wine barrels where it was aged, with a taste that comes with a sweet, strong hit. While smooth, the heat is instant. This could warm a small town during the winter, in a pleasant way. Not too much complexity and great for those who love sweetness. Strangely, the first sip feels dry and earthy.

The finish is extremely long and with the sweet decadence of someone who has overindulged in cake.

We prefered the original Hellyers Road.


StyleSingle Malt Whisky

Our Score