Hakushu - 12 Years
21.07.20172 Min Read — In Review

About the Distillery

Hakushu distillery (Japanese: 白州蒸溜所 Hepburn: Hakushū jōryūsho) is a Japanese whisky distillery. It is owned by the Suntory group, and situated in the Toribara locality (鳥原, also pronounced Torihara) of the former town of Hakushū (now part of Hokuto), in the Yamanashi Prefecture, Chūbu region, Japan.

The distillery was established in 1973, in the forest on the slopes of Mount Kaikoma (甲斐駒ヶ岳 Kaikoma-ga-take). In 1981, it was expanded by the commissioning of a second, Hakushu East, site, near the original site, now called Hakushu West. All production is now focused on the new site. Source: Wikipedia

Built amidst the deepest forests of Mt. Kaikomagatake in the Japanese Southern Alps, the Hakushu Distillery is without question one of the highest distilleries in the world.

The majestic forest that surrounds the Hakushu Distillery shelters an abundance of plant varieties reflecting the many expressions of Japanese nature.The malt whiskies born here are simultaneously blessed with a very particular microclimate, verdant forests, and water offering a rare softness and purity, only made possible by filtration of rain and snow through thousand-year-old granite rocks. Source: Suntory

Our Take

With a lovely distinct and complex aroma that isn't overly peaty but incredibly pleasant it's no surprise that Hakushu has earned a place amongst the great Japanese whiskeys.

The flavour is initially sweet to the palate, and proceeds to reveal a slight peat, elegant and robust without being overwhelming.

The finish is long, smokey and serene.

"Pairs nicely with Babymetal"


StyleSingle Malt

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