Glenmorangie - The Tayne
22.09.20161 Min Read — In Review

Legend has it that just offshore from our Distillery is the shipwreck of a 16th Century Spanish Galleon. Once loaded with treasure, it is one of many ships lost when the Spanish Armada fled from the English Navy round the Scottish coast. Glenmorangie Tayne captures this tale and is something of a Spanish treasure itself, having been aged in carefully selected Amontillado Sherry casks, a rarely seen finish in the world of whisky.

Tasting Notes from the Distiller
Aroma: Fragrant and floral, with hints of rose and roasting chestnuts. Lots of toffee/caramel, sweet apricots, and some nuttiness. Further exploration yields muscovado sugar, hints of aromatic coffee and chocolate coated raisins. Taste: An oily warming texture leads into rich, sweet flavours of toffee, brown sugar, tropical fruits (peaches, mango and orange) and a gentle nuttiness, like walnut or Brazil nuts. Finish: A long, spicy finish, with bitter-sweet citrus and dried fruits


StyleSingle Malt

Our Score



"At the back of the nose there are hints of burnt sugar"

"A bit strong for the alcohol content. Punchy."

"Smell is really sweet but not like diabetes sweet"

"It's easy to drink, but don't open it with water, it turns into pure alcohol"

"As salty as Kunaal's heart"


It's a somewhat generic whiskey. Nothing too special but easy to drink. Not too complex. We had great expectations for another "sweet" whiskey from Glenmorangie, but it doesn't come close to Milsean.