Glen Parker Single Malt
01.09.20172 Min Read — In Review

From the Distiller

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"Glen Parker" Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky is distilled in the Speyside region of Scotland, and has been prepared using the same traditional techniques that have long since been used to make the finest malts.

Glen Parker is symbolised by the stag that roams the wild landscape of the Speyside region of the Scottish Highlands. In Scottish mythology, the stag represents harmony and purity, which beautifully describes the character of this malt.

The mellow but complex flavour of "Glen Parker" is influenced by its ingredients; the malted barley that has been carefully selected, and the addition of pure Highland spring water. Finally, The Single Malt has been matured in oak casks for a number of years to produce this exceptional malt of round and gentle character.

Our Take

Due to the price tag there were no initial high expectations. Presents itself with a light golden colour. The lack of cork in the bottle makes it feel cheap. On the nose it has a sweet and sharp smell, not very complex but not unpleasant, it's fruity and simple. The first sip goes down smoothly but instantly kicks back with a boozy young flavour that lacks depth, but it's not too bad for the price. An almost imperceptible hint of smoke. The finish is just the alcohol. A bit of a turnoff, way too short. In sum, the smell gives hope, the flavour made us doubt and the finish took it all away. But again we need to remember that for the price range it's "acceptable"


StyleSingle Malt Scotch

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