Chivas Regal Gold Signature 18 Year Old Blend
07.07.20162 Min Read — In Review

First Impressions

First impression of this packaging screams quality.

It comes with in a brown box, with regal blue and gold features. The box has the signature of Colin Scott (the master blender) etched in gold on the front. It looks great and I've not even taken the bottle out of the box yet.

The bottle is a classic Chivas Regal bottle shape, with the labels boasting the same blue and gold as the box.

The whisky itself is a deep toffee colour and looks great from the outside.

This whisky weighs in at 40% alcohol volume, which is a fairly average alcohol volume for these type of whiskies.

The box has some content describing the taste, the Master Blender and Chivas Brothers. I've detailed this below:

Richness and Maturity

The Chivas Regal Gold Signature blend has been created for its opulent richness, from whiskies matured for at least 18 years.

Colin Scott - Master Blender

Chivas Brothers' Master Blender Colin Scott has hand-selected the casks for this very special blend. In recognition of this, Colin Scott's initials appear on every bottle of Chivas Regal Gold Signature.

Chivas Brothers

The Chivas Regal Lion symbolises Chivas brothers' pride in this superb whisky. For over 100 years Chivas Brothers has owned a remarkable wealth of whiskey stocks. From these thousands of casks maturing deep in the Scottish hills, only a few of the richest are set aside for Chivas Regal Gold Signature.

The Gold Signature

"A welcoming rewarding whisky. Exceptional richness with multi-layered aromas of buttery toffee, dark chocolate and dried fruits. Hints of spices and smoke. The voluptuous, velvety palate develops into an extremely long, warm finish" - Colin Scott, Master Blender



Our Score



"Not a very complex aroma, and not a very complex taste but very easy to drink"

"It's even more pleasant after opening with water but it doesn't need it, it's great by itself."

"Smooth on the nose, you can barely smell the alcohol"

"A great smell the caramel on the nose"

"Such a smooth taste, great beginner scotch"


This whisky scored a very average 6 overall from the group. We think it's a really easy whisky to drink but it doesn't stand out as a show-stopper. The presentation really is impressive and would look great as part of any whisky collection. So if you're thinking about trying this whisky, don't let our score put you off, it'll look great and be easy to drink. Just don't expect a unique experience.