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A classic never-ending, rich, and enticing combination of classic Ardbeggian notes and incredibly creamy flavours.

This limited edition whisky from Ardbeg is one of a range of what they call "Distinct (Yet Now Extinct) Drink". There exists a sister whisky committee edition from the same year weighing in at a heavier 49.2% alcohol content compared to the limited edition which is 47.4%.

This particular single malt is to commemorate 200 years of the Ardbeg distillery. It boasts the phrase "Here's to the next 200 years" on the label.

Tasting notes from Ardbeg

Colour: Deep Amber

Nose: Tar, soot and pine resin leads to dark chocolate, treacle toffee, and a distant, nutty/oaky note. Water initiates fresh, briny sea-spray, linseed oil, and a pine resin/lime top note. Remarkably fresh for such a peaty whisky.

Taste: Intense, robust peat smoke, savoury smoky bacon, cinnamon and nutmeg, but also an incredible creamy, sweet vanilla/milk chocolate note.

Finish: The never-ending aftertaste sees more linseed oil (a hint of the Sherry Casks), creosote and tar, but understated, always gentle.

Ardbeg claims this whisky has a deep amber colour, but we've found it to be a really light golden colour. When you uncork the bottle, the room fills with the classic Ardbeg peaty aroma.


StyleSingle Malt

Our Score



"That is sooo peaty"

"Much better when opened with water"


"Quite different, spicy"

"Really harsh taste"

"Its delicious, like sticking your face in a bog"

"A very refined sugary, syrupy hit on the back of the throat after swallowing"


This whisky is all about the nose. Its got deep notes of spicy peat. It does split the crowd though, it's a bit overpowering for some people. Not for the faint hearted. Don't let it's light colour fool you into thinking there is a lack of taste with this one. If you like peated whiskies, this is a great option for your whisky collection.