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20.06.20161 Min Read — In Review

Whiskey Nerds... who are we?

We are a group of mates that work together. Who, while one day in the pub, decided that we all like whiskey but we don't know much about it. We all had an interest in expanding our knowledge on the subject. It was in that moment that our whiskey club was born.

We set some simple rules around price and a roster system to deliver the weekly supply of good quality whiskey. We had our first whiskey club meeting that Friday.

We quickly realised that none of us were master whiskey tasters or sommeliers. As such, we had zero vocabulary to work with. So we started trying to describe what we were tasting in our terms which was a laugh (Rusty radiators, wellington boots, exhaust fumes, etc.).

A few weeks in (and a few bottles later), we started to forget what we thought of the first week's tasting. Our work involves creating media websites. It became obvious that we needed a blog to keep track of what we were tasting. WhiskeyNerds.com was born.

Its now over a year later and we've been through a few format changes. We have got better at describing tastings. We've developed our own favourites and we're continuing to work our way through all the whiskies we can get our hands on.

Keep checking back every week for a new review.

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