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JJameson The Blender's Dog

07.04.20171 Min Read — In General

From their site We’re not sure if our Head Blender, Billy Leighton, has a musical note in his head but harmony is his main pursuit. The Blender’s Dog is a whiskey that celebrates his craft the art of…

HHazelburn 10 Year Old

31.03.20171 Min Read — In General

About the distillery Hazelburn Distillery was a distillery in Campbeltown, Scotland, which was in operation between approximately 1825 and 1925. In 1886, it had 22 employees and produced 192,00…

DDalmore Cigar Malt Reserve

17.03.20171 Min Read — In General

FROM THEIR SITE This specially crafted whisky has been expertly made to be the perfect accompaniment to the finest of cigars. Matured initially in American white oak ex-bourbon casks and 30 year old…

TTalisker 57° North

16.02.20171 Min Read — In General

FROM THEIR SITE Talisker 57° North takes its name from this remote, rugged and windswept distillery’s latitude. And rightly so, because this is an untamed, natural expression of the Talisker’s full…