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GGlenkinchie Distillers Edition 2000

05.08.20162 Min Read — In General

This week we're trying the Glenkinchie Distillers Edition born in 2000 and bottled in 2013. It's double matured in Amontillado casks which should give this whisky some slight hints of sherry…


14.07.20162 Min Read — In General

A classic never-ending, rich, and enticing combination of classic Ardbeggian notes and incredibly creamy flavours. This limited edition whisky from Ardbeg is one of a range of what they call…

CChivas Regal Gold Signature 18 Year Old Blend

07.07.20162 Min Read — In General

First Impressions First impression of this packaging screams quality. It comes with in a brown box, with regal blue and gold features. The box has the signature of Colin Scott (the master blender…